Create Aptos Coin in one click within Proton Sale

Proton Sale
Oct 19, 2022


Proton Sale is a decentralize launchpad built on Aptos blockchain. We provide a service that help people can create Aptos Coin in one click without knowledge of Move or code. Follow these step bellow

1. Visit

2. Connect your favorite wallet

Currently create coin function just supported on Martian and Fewcha wallet

3. Check your balance and network

Network: Aptos Mainnet

Balance: Must be greater than 2APT

We charge 5APT for this service fee, and in this event it is 2APT to prevent spam.

4. Fill up required fields

5. Finalize!!!



Proton Sale

The first decentralized launchpad on Aptos. We take care of coin development & distribution, so you can focus on building your business