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Proton Sale
2 min readNov 6, 2022


In our first piece of article, we would like to introduce Proton Sale Launchpad to you all.

The primary issues we sought to address when we first envisioned Proton Sale were:

  • To provides technical and non-tech users with the capacity to conduct operations related to coin creation, coin sales, and fundraising with simplicity, while Move is a fairly new and unfamiliar language for developers as well as users.
  • To offer several options of listing campaigns like LaunchPad, Fair Launch, Dutch Auction, etc.
  • To give Aptos users a safe experience, we develop Decentralize Locker which helps to safeguard resources and proof-of-lock with the community.
  • To design a Secondary Market for people who have contributed to a sale, where you can trade various assets or securities with others.
  • To develop Position-NFT based on vesting schedule to facilitate speedier liquidity, something that no other launchpad is doing.

As a result, when these initiatives are released onto the market, they can all realize their full potential and become hugely successful projects.

While addressing these issues, we suppose it is crucial to have the appropriate win-win systems and reward systems so that everyone in our ecosystem can get new benefits, such as;

  • Staking for token holders to receive reward tokens from all projects that are chosen.
  • Community members that support initiatives in a variety of fields and categories will receive rewards.
  • As well as a way for entrepreneurs and innovators to receive fully decentralized incubation so they can actualize their ideas and begin to achieve larger success potentials.

These are the fundamental principles on which Proton Sale was founded.

To assist you in fully comprehending Proton Sale, our whitepaper is up on:

More updates on ProtonSale can be found at ProtonSale’s official channels:

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Proton Sale

The first decentralized launchpad on Aptos. We take care of coin development & distribution, so you can focus on building your business