ProtonSale — Create Sale Guideline

Proton Sale
Dec 16, 2022


We are eager to officially launch one of the most awaited features — Create Sale.

Here are the steps on how you create your Sale on ProtonSale App:

Step 1: Go to & choose “Create Sale”

Step 2: Create your own coin

Step 3: Select & verify your coin

Step 4: Fill Sale Info

Step 5: Add additional info & click “Create”

Step 6: Successfully created & check the transaction

Step 7: Back to Homepage & choose “Sale” to view your Sale

Note: The KYC and Audit processes are in the progress of completing, therefore, all users need to be careful when making contribution to the Sales during this time period!

Check out this tutorial video:

More updates on ProtonSale can be found at ProtonSale’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Discord, Medium



Proton Sale

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