ProtonSale Launchpad Devnet Guide — pUSD Airdrop Tesnet

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3 min readSep 25, 2022



ProtonSale Launchpad is a platform that is designed specifically for launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. Launchpads help investors discover early-stage crypto projects before they enter into the mainstream.

Facilitating Airdrops accessibility

Today we introduce our Launchpad Airdrop function Tesnet. To facilitate accessibility for token Airdrops in the Aptos ecosystem.

During this Airdrop Tesnet you will be able to get pUSD token in Aptos Devnet in order test all the functions of the Launchpad dashboard that users can use with different Aptos Wallets.

We use the functions of claim for token Airdrop, using the Discord to be able the claim the tokens in the Launchpad App dashboard.

Getting Started

To use ProtonSale Airdrops on Aptos Blockchain, you will need to get your Aptos wallet chrome extension.

Fewcha Wallet with PRT and pUSD Airdrop.

Wallets Download Links

You can download wallets integrated with Proton. Use the following links to go to Chrome Web Store extension.

Martian Wallet Extension.
Fewcha Wallet Extension

Step 1

Join to ProtonSale Discord community:

Step 2

Join #airdrop-pusd-tesnet channel.

Discord channel #airdrop-pusd-testnet

Find your wallet address and post it discord command !faucet your_address

Step 3

Go to ProtonSale App Website

Step 4 — Using Fewcha Wallet

Connect with your Aptos wallet. You can select between Fewcha, Martian, Petra and Pontem Wallets.

Select your Aptos Wallet
Confirm the connection.

Step 5

Faucet some APT (Aptos) token to pay Gas fee.

Fewcha Wallet APT faucet.

Step 6

Claim Airdrop pUSD

Done! You succesfully claim pUSD

Fewcha Wallet with PRT and pUSD Airdrop.

Video Guide Using Martian Wallet



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