ProtonSale Devnet Guide — Presale Contribution Round 2 on Aptos Devnet!

The Event — Race to the Core of the Atom

ProtonSale & Media Partners



Guide — Presale Contribution to Media Partner

Step 1 — Download Fewcha or Martian Wallet

  • Fewcha Wallet download here.
  • Martian Wallet download here.

Step 2 — Airdrop pUSD to Contribute to the Presale

Step 3 — Contribute to a Presale

Contribute Presale Video Guide — Using Fewcha Wallet

Video Guide contributing a Presale with Fewcha Wallet.

Step 4 —Proof of Twitter

Step 5 — Proof of Discord

Presale Contribution Proof from ProtonSale Launchpad App.
Discord Proof is sent!




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