ProtonSale Devnet Guide — Presale Contribution Round 2 on Aptos Devnet!

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3 min readSep 26, 2022


The Event — Race to the Core of the Atom

We are very glad to present our new event Race to the Core of the Atom.

ProtonSale & Media Partners

For this event Proton team have coordinated with different Media Partners of Aptos Ecosystem to offer a Presale Test Round all together in a single event, with the aim of reward and support their communities with fully decentralized experience in our Launchpad App.

All users are open to join for this event and contribute with the Presale Media Partners of your preference.


Community: 200$ giveaway for 10 participants — 20$ each winner.
Founders: 50$ for the Founder of the Media projects.

The first Media Partner in sold out their Presale will be the winner. If the Media Partners and their communities fail to sell out, the winner will be the one with the highest contribution.


The event will start Monday September, 26.
Timezone 17:00 UTC

Guide — Presale Contribution to Media Partner

Step 1 — Download Fewcha or Martian Wallet

You can download two wallets integrated with Proton. Use the following links to go access to Chrome Web Store extensions.

  • Fewcha Wallet download here.
  • Martian Wallet download here.

Step 2 — Airdrop pUSD to Contribute to the Presale

Airdrop pUSD — Medium Guide:

Step 3 — Contribute to a Presale

Using pUSD you can contribute with the Media Partner of their preference.
Max Contribute: 100pUSD.

Contribute Presale Video Guide — Using Fewcha Wallet

Video Guide contributing a Presale with Fewcha Wallet.

Step 4 —Proof of Twitter

Retweet, Like and Comment 👉​

Step 5 — Proof of Discord

Join ProtonSale Discord Community
Send screenshot with the Proof of Presale Contribution to #contribution-proof channel in Discord.

Presale Contribution Proof from ProtonSale Launchpad App.
Discord Proof is sent!


Thanks to all participants, Electrons OG, Electrons OG Boosters, Media Partners, Supportives! LET’S MOVEEEE!!!
ProtonSale Team



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